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Quilting is a wonderful thing and many ladies (and even some gents) are taking up this age-old practice. Quilting takes a lot of time, but it is very rewarding. I have gathered some resources where you can read more about quilting and choosing fabrics, etc. You can use these resources and tutorials as supplements to the information you find on Fix Quilts. The quilting community is a tight-knit one (pun intended) and we are all very supportive of each other.

I hope these links and tutorials help you in your quilting projects.

Website Resources

Craftsy – 135+ Tips, Tricks, Tutorials & More: The Ultimate Quilting Resource

135+ Tips, Tricks, Tutorials & More: The Ultimate Quilting Resource!

This is one of the most comprehensive resources on the web. They teach you everything from how to choose the fabric, to how to make the squares to how to clean the quilt.

Piecemeal Quilts – Resources


You will find block instructions and many wonderful patterns on this website.

Quilter’s World – More Resources

This is another quite comprehensive website that offers tips and advice on pretty much anything related to quilting. You will find patterns, caring tips, how to information and much more.

Quilting 101 – Quilt making tips and resources

If you want to learn to quilt, this is a great place to start. They give step-by-step instructions and guidance that anyone will be able to understand.

YouTube Tutorials

Quilt Tutorials

Make the Square in a Square Quilt Tutorial

Make a Grand Adventures Quilt with Jenny

The Four Patch Stars Quilt: Easy Quilting Tutorial with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co