Fix Quilts is a blog that will guide you and help you with all your quilt-related questions and projects. From making a quilt to taking care of it – you will find what you need here.

My name is Josephine Kelly and I am a quilt restorer. Yes, we exist and we have a very important job. Many quilts are handed over from generation to generation and many of them need some expert care and repairs once they have been passed on a few times. My job is to repair, restore, and make them look new again. A good quilt restorer is able to fix quilts without anyone noticing where the problem was. That is what I do.

I started this blog to help all our quilt enthusiasts to know a bit more about the tradition of quilts, how to make your own, how to take care of them, and much more. Whether you are a collector, a maker, or a fellow restorer, you will find some interesting and helpful insights here on Fix Quilts.

I love quilting and I always will. My great grandmother taught me and since then the bug bit and never let go. We have a quilt that has been passed on through 6 generations and it is still in great condition.

I hope you enjoy your time here on Fix Quilts and I hope you learn a few valuable things. Feel free to contact me on support@fixquilts.com for more information or to ask any questions.