5 Things to Consider when Choosing Quilt Fabrics

The fabric of your quilt is possibly the most important part. You should take care to choose fabrics that will work for you. A good way to go about collecting fabric is to keep all the scraps of material left over after other sewing projects. I would like to help you choose the right fabrics with the tips below.

Determine if the fabric is colorfast. The best way to determine whether the color will run is to wash the fabric on its own before using it. You should probably go this route with any fabric that you are unsure about. Rather be safe than sorry.

Start with 100% cotton. If you are just starting out and need to buy your first quilt fabrics, go for the 100% cotton. You cannot go wrong with these fabrics and they will not be too difficult to quilt.

Choose a tight-woven fabric. Quilts are generally made to be handed down from generation to generation or at least to be used for many years. If you choose fabrics that are loosely woven, you will find that it doesn’t last very long for permanent use. It is best to choose fabrics that are tightly woven and stronger. Avoid fabrics that are too dense as they will be difficult to quilt.

Cut all the squares the same. This is very important when you are using a fabric that has patterns on. If you don’t cut the pieces the same way, you may find one or two that don’t fit the rest of the pattern and if you don’t have any fabric left, you have a problem. This is where careful planning comes in.

Consider the colors carefully. People react differently to different colors. Choose your colors carefully based on where the quilt will be used and who you will be giving it to.

Consider these few things and choosing fabric will be an easy task. As you get more experienced, you will be able to experiment and try out different fabrics. If you’re just starting, stick to the basics.